Roasted Pecans 

I think the hardest thing for non Paleo people to grasp is the simplicity of eating meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. My family does eat dairy products which isn’t always considered Paleo, but we aren’t negativily affected by it. 

In the beginning of our journey I struggled to come up with cost effective recipes. Most of the recipes out there were long, filled with ingredients I hadn’t heard of, and include several steps making it hard to complete. Then I had an epiphany. Eat simple foods. 

This has been a lifesaving discovery. I’m not saying that I’ve never made complicated meals, I’m simply saying that for day to day life I keep the ingredients simple. 

Buying a bag of nuts and eating them raw is not that good, however, if you roast them in the oven it is immediately better! And it’s one ingredient! So every week I buy a big bag of nuts, spread them evenly over a cookie sheet, bake at 300*F until they smell delicious. (About 5 minutes)

This week I chose pecans. 5 minutes, one ingredient and I have a bowl full for the whole week. 

My family chose to go Paleo to be more one with how our bodies are designed. To me that means: if other ways of eating isn’t healthy, I’ll focus on eating other types of food that are healthy and not making unhealthy foods with healthy ingredients. 

One small caution to eating nuts before I go! While they are healthy nuts are easy to over eat. This isn’t a replacement for chips! I always allow one handful then we put the bowl away. Moderation is the key to life. 


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